William Glen Retzlaff passes February 5th, 2016
February 14, 2016 - 11:29:11 p.m.

(Originally posted on Facebook 2-13-2016 by Melton Retzlaff)

As most of you know, Bill Retzlaff passed away Friday before last. In the last few weeks of his life here on Earth, he was surrounded by his family and friends. Bill was a devout Christian and he surely went to meet his maker when he took his last breath here. As I sat through the memorial service on Monday, I kept thinking that at some point in the message we would hear some word about Bill. However, that never happened. I have thought about this for the past five days and I think it needs to be done. This is about Bill. William G. (Bill) Retzlaff, also known as Shorty to his family and close friends was born in Waco on April 7th in 1942. The family moved to Temple when Bill was about 3 months old, so he grew up and lived in Temple his whole life. The family lived in a rural area most of our lives and Bill grew up hunting, fishing, riding horses and exploring the creek bottoms near our home. Bill suffered with Asthma for his entire life, but when he started to Jr. high school, he overcame this enough that he played Trombone in the band and also played football. He was among the best in both of these! When he was a freshman in Temple High School, Bill suffered a severe head injury that stopped him from playing football, playing in the band or riding horses. This was a really hard time for him. After finishing school, Bill tried to enlist in two branches of the service and was unable to do so because of the Asthma. This bothered him for a long time. At this time Bill worked at several jobs and was not really happy in any of them. He did start to drink to much at this period of his life, but it did not stop him from loving his family nor did it keep him from working and supporting his family. About this time Bill met Ardell who turned out to be the love of his life. They were married 48 years at the time of his passing . They have two children, Billy and Cynthia, who gave them four grandsons, Dalton, Garret, Wade, and Wesley! Bill never lost his love for music and a highlight of his life was to play guitar with a group at his Church! Bill was forever a patriot and he hosted a family gathering at his home on July 4 th as long as his health permitted. Bill did join AA some 35 years ago and met lifelong friends and supporters. My sisters and I are very proud to call him our brother. There is a lot more I could say about Bill, but I am going to stop now by just saying we love you and miss you, but we are happy knowing where you are!


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