The 2014 Retzlaff Family Reunion was held on Sunday July 20, 2014 at the Community Center in Morgan’s Point Resort, Texas on the shores of Lake Belton. Co-hosts were Jennifer Zardavets and Kevin Clark and lunch was Smokey Mo’s BBQ Brisket and Sausage. Family members contributed fruit salad and an array of great desserts.

The turn-out this year was small compared to the past with 48 people in attendance.

The most-senior family member in attendance was 87 year-old Neil Griffin and the youngest was 6 year-old Jaylon Reed.

The Ricky Retzlaff family travelled the greatest distance coming from Port Nechez, Texas. Linda and Dwayne Castleberry live closest just a few blocks from the Community Center.

We celebrated the birth of Christopher William Janak, born January 13, 2014 to Elizabeth Janak.

We also noted the passing of Kathy Rogers.

Don Retzlaff, newly retired from the University of North Texas after 35 years, and his wife Elisa took pictures to record the event. He is spending a fair amount of time updating the family history site

We had a good time during our reunion reviewing the Family History Books and completing an ice-breaker game that asked family members to find other family members who they might not know as well and delve into their past.

Fees for this year’s reunion were $12.00 per adult and $6.00 per child and we almost broke even needing only a few extra contributions to cover expenses.

We look forward to next year’s reunion which will be held July 19, the third Sunday of the month and will be hosted by Linda and Dwayne Castleberry, again at the Morgan’s Point Resort Community Center.