The Retzlaff Family Reunion was held on Sunday, July 21, 2013 at the Morgan's Point Community Center in Morgan's Point Resort, TX overlooking Lake Belton. Approximately 60 were in attendance and enjoyed a day of socializing, catching up, and reminiscing. Hosts Linda and Dwayne Castleberry and their family provided a meal of Fajitas and fixin's. Dessert was again a wide variety of family favorites brought by participants.

After lunch the family meeting was held with Barbara Kay Naivar serving as MC. There was some debate as to who had traveled the farthest to reach the reunion which was solved by Google Maps with Don and Elisa Retzlaff coming from Denton (166 miles) inching out Frank and Vivian Bates coming from Allen (160 miles). A pair of four-year-olds, Kaelynn Junek and Taytum Mertz took honors as youngest in attendance and Kirby Franks at 82 was our most senior family member at the reunion.

Mary Ann Retzlaff Evans had the most family members in attendance. It was reported that at least three new babies have been born since the last gathering including Cross and Sage Toms (twins) born March 22, 2013. Aiden Maurice Retzlaff was born on July 1, 2013 to Shane and Ramona Retzlaff and carries the middle name of his grandfather.

Jennifer Semler was married on Friday, July 19, 2013 to Jay Zardavets in a ceremony in Jamaica so was absent from this year's reunion.

With sadness but fond memories, we recognized the passing of Donald (Tiny) Retzlaff in January this year and Caroline Tonahill in October of 2012. Donald Alan ("Donnie") Retzlaff reminded us all that now is the time to interview and learn from our elder generation and that a day does not pass that he does not think of something he wishes he would have asked his Dad.

Donnie has been family historian now for more years than his grandmother, Aunt Emma, the original family historian. He told that the Retzlaff Family History website has been getting hits from all over the world. The site contains a lot of information on the family including digital copies of family pictures and information on how to order books and DVDs of family information.

As he ages Donnie realizes he won't be around forever to carry on the family history work and is looking to the next generation to take the challenge to identify someone to become the next family historian.

Kevin and Vickie Clark volunteered to host the 2014 reunion which is planned for the third Sunday in July, July 20th, 2014.