The 64th annual Retzlaff Family Reunion was held on Sunday, July 17, 2011, at the Morgan’s Point Community Center, Lake Belton, Texas. Coffee and snacks were ready for relatives to begin gathering around 9:30. A delicious lunch of barbecue beef and sausage, potato salad, cole slaw, beans, and all the fixins was catered by Fat Boys BBQ. Desserts were provided by family members, and enjoyed by everyone present. A rough count determined that there were over hundred family members and guests present.

Bill Retzlaff called the business meeting to order at 1:20pm. Kevin Clark was asked to relate the activities from the 2010 reunion.

Don “Tiny” Retzlaff, 85, was the oldest, and Lennie Garza (11 months), son of Nick and Crystal Garza, was the youngest. Jennifer Ignaccolo (daughter of Gary and Judy Schulz) traveled the farthest from North Carolina, while Linda and Dwayne Castleberry traveled just four blocks.

There was one death notice, Elois Retzlaff, on February 12, 2011. Births included Aaron Martin on May 31st, 2010, Arianna Baca on July 9th, 2011, Ryann Marie Retzlaff on March 22, 2011, Tanner Alan Retzlaff on February 9th, 2011. Marriages included Melinda Castleberry and Tyrell White on May 7th, 2011, Chrystal and Jerry Mandel in August, 2010, and Daniel and Ashley Baca in October, 2010.

Don “Tiny” Retzlaff talked briefly about attending the first Retzlaff Family Reunion in 1947 in a pasture near the Bernard Retzlaff home. Mary Beth (Vance) Gibson announced she found several old pictures from her grandmother and if the family could identify them as part of their family they could keep them. Mary Beth ended up giving a large stack of photos to Don (Donnie) Retzlaff so he could include them on the family website and Facebook so we can see if family members can identify them online.

Don (Donnie) Retzlaff mentioned the large number of family members that correspond via both email and Facebook. He indicated it was great seeing everyone photos online, and that it would be good if full-sized versions of the pictures could be sent to him via email so they can be included with the families photo archives. He mentioned that all of the family history books have been redone with all the pictures enlarged and computer enhanced to improve their faded colors. He pointed out again that the family has both a website ( where copies of all the family history books can be either purchased or downloaded, as well as the active Facebook group at

It was decided that next year’s reunion will be held in Lexington, and Mack and Sandra Botard will be sending out the mailed invitations.

Transcribed with the help of others, Donald Alan Retzlaff