Bobby Vance called the meeting to order. Bobby Vance indicated that this was the 60th gathering for the reunion and there were 61 family members present this day. Bobby also mentioned that Wayne Retzlaff and family prepared the meal.

Last years minutes were noted to be posted on the website, but no copies had been printed or brought for review at this time.

Recognition for various things are listed below:

Oldest family member to attend this reunion was Eloise Retzlaff at 90 years old!! Youngest family member to attend this reunion was Holley Elaine Spradlin at 13 months old. Newlyweds to attend the reunion were Andrea and Chuck Rummel on June 23rd and Bobby and Charlotte Vance on June 16th. The family member that had the farthest to travel was Susan Retzlaff; she traveled all the way from Iowa, Louisiana.

We share our thoughts for the loved ones who have lost family members over the past few years: Billie Dell Franks noted the loss of Stephanie Lee Judice at age of 49 on November 3, 2006, leaving behind two children. Mark, age 14 and Melanie age 10. Susan Retzlaff noted the loss of Bismark Retzlaff in 1998 (her father) and Hallie Hague in 1999 (her Aunt).

There were several returned reunion invitations. A list of those returned addresses can be gotten from Bobby Vance. Please contact him, so that we can locate our lost family members and get correct addresses for them.

Bobby asked for volunteers to host next year's reunion. Everyone seemed happy to let Wayne Retzlaff and his family host the reunion again. So the next reunion will be held again in Lexington, Texas.

Donnie Retzlaff made a few comments on the changes to the recent reunion picture book, stating that the pictures were now larger and in color, and that the picture pages will soon be available on the website for downloading. He announced the plans for releasing the next edition of the Retzlaff Family History Charts book in 2008, and hopefully copies will be available for family members to purchase during next year's reunion.

Donnie also announced the publication of the book "Cousin Emma" by his dad, Don Retzlaff (Tiny), which chronicles the life of his mother and original Retzlaff Family Historian, Emma Christine Retzlaff. This new book (and the Retzlaff Family History Charts book) can both be purchased from the family website,

Don Retzlaff spoke about Cousin Emma's Life Story book and also wanted to commend Donnie on his efforts on the book and the family website.

No other business was discussed at this time so the meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Adam Retzlaff, and edited/reformatted by Donnie Retzlaff.