The 2006 Retzlaff Family Reunion was held at the Rice Crossing Store in Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, Texas, Sunday, July 16th, 2006. The reunion was hosted by Jennifer Semler with help from Kevin Clark.

Over 50 Family members began arriving about 10am for coffee and doughnuts and enjoyed a catered Barbecue lunch from Smokey Mo’s BBQ in Cedar Park, TX and a potluck dessert of family favorites.

Family members enjoyed looking at the family photo albums and catching-up on old times and memories. The heat was oppressive outside but inside the hall was comfortable. Once an old General Store, the room was decorated with old time pictures and containers of old time groceries, dry goods and farm implements.

Kim Murray and family brought an ice cream churn and most of the kids shared in the work of cranking out some cool refreshment.

Kathy Rogers brought a set of Dominoes and several players young and old were involved in a lively game.

Donnie Retzlaff took family photos in the shade of a large oak tree. Family members filled out a getting to know you form that included a cousin finder to help one determine relationships in this large extended group.

During the family meeting the following information was shared:

Oldest Person in attendance: Elois Retzlaff

Youngest Person in attendance: Holley Spradlin, born June 16, 2006, daughter of Shelley and Keith Spradlin, Granddaughter of Maurice and Cheryl Retzlaff.

Donnie Retzlaff traveled the farthest, while Jennifer Semler traveled the least.

Guests of the family included Andrea Yandell’s friend, Chuck Rummel, and Don “Tiny” Retzlaff’s fiancé, Dee Medlin.

Don encouraged us all to write down our history and Dee favored the family with a reading of one of her poems, A Child of The King.

Donnie reminded the family that copies of the Retzlaff Family History Charts are available through the family website. Family Information such as births, deaths, marriages, divorces, adoptions and other milestones can be submitted via the Retzlaff Family History Website.

This year’s reunion was put together at the last minute and we were pleased with the turn out in spite of the short notice for the location.  Next year’s reunion will be held as always the third Sunday in July.  Bobby Vance has agreed to host the reunion in Lexington. 

Although donations of $10.00 per adult and $5.00 per child were collected at the door, we found ourselves short of funds to cover the cost of the hall rental. A hat was passed and the family came through with enough to cover the costs for the 2006 Reunion and a little extra for 2007.

If you have any corrections or additions for these minutes, please submit them to Donnie Retzlaff via the family website.

Notes taken by Vickie Clark.

A Child of The King by Dee Medlin

I may not be rich with items of the world
But I’m very rich you see,
For I am a child of the Wealthiest KING
Ever in history.

Heaven is HIS vast domain
HE rules of Sky and Sea
HIS love, so very great
HIS life, HE gave for me.

So if I grow discouraged
And give up in despair
I must stop and remember. . .

That I am a child of the KING
And the KING is always there.