The 2004 Retzlaff Family Reunion was held at the Jean I. Cocharn Community Ctr. in Round Rock, Texas. The reunion was hosted by Andrea Yandell with help from her children, Aubrey & Jake Cox and Jared Yandell along with Jennifer Semler and Kevin Clark.

Over 65 Family members began arriving about 10am for coffee and doughnuts and enjoyed a catered Barbecue lunch and a potluck dessert of family favorites.

Family members enjoyed looking at the family photo albums and catching-up on old times and memories. The children worked off some pre and post lunch energy in a Bounce House. Don Retzlaff took family photos in the garden area near a waterfall. Family members filled out a getting to know you form that included a cousin finder to help one determine relationships in this large extended group.

During the family meeting the following information was shared:

Oldest Person in attendance: Marie Weiss - 93

Youngest Person in attendance: Abbey Spradlin, daughter of Shelley and Keith Spradlin, Granddaughter of Maurice and Cheryl Retzlaff.

Traveled the farthest: Mike and Lisa Steinmann and family, from Guam approximately 7200 miles.

Traveled the least: Andrea Yandell, from Cedar Park

There is a new family Website

Milestones since the last family reunion:

Passed On: Our Beloved Geneva Tonahill (Aunt Sissy)

Mason Semler son of Jennifer and Sean Semler, grandson of Gena Griffin Today, during the reunion, July 18, 2004.
Kyson Dane Crew grandson of Weldon Retzlaff June 23, 2004
Abbey Spradlin daughter of Shelley and Keith Spradlin, grandson of Maurice and Cheryl Retzlaff May 2004
Kameron Jacob Cox son of Aubrey and Jake Cox, great grandson of Gena Griffin April 30, 2004
Hannah Kathleen Purl daughter of Todd and Molly Purl April 24, 2004

There were also several family weddings during the past year.

Notes taken by Aubrey Cox