The 47th annual Retzlaff Family reunion was held in Lexington, Texas, on July 17, 1994, in the Lutheran Parish Hall. Lexington relatives were in charge of arrangements.

The Hall opened at 9:00am and early arrivals found coffee and snacks available, courtesy of Mary Beth Gibson.

By noon, 61 people had registered, and visiting was the order of the morning. Our usual photographers, Donald Retzlaff and son, Donnie, could not be present, but several members had cameras and many group pictures were made for the family history books. Because of the absence of Donald and Norma Retzlaff, the family books were not available, but Ruby Vance and others had brought old pictures of interest to those present that brought back happy memories of bygone days.

The noon meal was furnished by the local relatives. The pork, sausage, and chicken barbecue and beans were the offerings of Wayne and Patricia Retzlaff, and their sons, Alan and Kevin, and their families; potato salad was by Margaret Kleinschmidt, homemade noodles by Esther Brockenbush, slaw by Ruby Vance, fresh fruit tray by Bobby and Nita Vance, with bread, pickles, relishes, etc, by various others. The prayer of thanksgiving to God for the sense of family love expressed by the coming together of those present and for the goodness and mercy of our Heavenly Father toward us was offered by Arnold Kleinschmidt.

A business session was called soon after the meal with Bobby Vance presiding. Several letters and cards from relatives unable to attend were read, including a faxed letter from Donald Retzlaff, which is attached. Some family statistics gathered was as follows: Frank and Irene Vance, their daughter-in-law, Billie, and granddaughter, Erin, came the longest distance; the youngest member present was Zane Kleinschmidt (age 12 weeks), son of Tim and Anna; the oldest was Gussie Vance at age 86 (there were 6 others 80 or older); weddings were Laura Veltman to Bob Ball, December 18, 1993; Alan Hobbs to Kari Rimes, March 5, 1994; Debra Hobbs to Marc Mason, May 28, 1994; Gail Gibson to Lee Gerdes, May 28, 1994. Births were: Leslie Louise Peterson to Neil and Joann, November 3, 1993; Piper McKensie Peterson to Warren and Vicki, December 4, 1993; Mackensie Donalyn Vance to Donny and Evelyn, January 26, 2994; and Zane Alan Kleinschmidt to Tim and Anna, April 22, 1994; Andrea Katherine Monk to Steven and Tami, May 21, 1994; Corbin Wesley Shouse to Ken and Karon, April 7, 1994. Deaths listed were Albert Stone, April 13, 1994; Dennis Baca, June 3, 1994, and James Marvin Cunningham, July 11, 1994.

A freewill offering was taken and $155.00 was contributed. Then the question was "Where shall we meet in 1995?" Vivian Bates offered to find a place in Allen, and Wayne Retzlaff offered Lexington again. A majority of those present voted for Lexington.

The meeting closed with a few words spoken of how the group missed the presence of Cousin Emma's children, and wishing the best for Norma for a speedy recovery of both arms being broken in a fall.

Most of the relatives stayed for several hours of visiting in the comfortable facilities.

Mrs. Robert Vance