The 45th annual Retzlaff family reunion was held in the Lutheran Parish Hall in Lexington on July 19, 1992, with 58 relatives present.

The Donald Retzlaff's were present and had the family history books on tables for our enjoyment. Several people were observed jotting down some family history notes. It is quite interesting to note the changes in the individual families that have been at least fairly regular in attendance in these 45 years -- their grandchildren and now their great-grandchildren. Family bonds have been kept intact. This is a great blessing, and is largely due to these yearly reunions.

A special treat this year ws the attendance of Albert and Helen Stone from Sulphur, Louisiana, cousins that most of us had never seen.

Donald and Donnie were busy both before and after lunch doing family group pictures.

Bobby Vance led the group in a prayer of thanks before we enjoyed a locally catered meal at noon, and also the laden dessert table furnished by the families in attendance.

A business session was called to order by Mary Beth Gibson and several letters by those unable to attend were read. Word had been received the night before of the unexpected death of Alton Voges in San Antonio, and a moment of silent prayer for the grieving family was held. Alton was the husband of Emma Lou Peterson andn they had helped their daughters, Grace and Gloria, host the reunion in San Antonio last year.

Other deaths in our extended family included the Reverend Nolan R. Vance on February 28, 1992; the Reverend Richard Lear, Sr., husband of Gloria Voges, on April 28, 1992; and Patricia Joanne Smith, wife of Wyatt L. Smith, Jr. (of the Stone family), October 10, 1991.

Ruben Retzlaff, at age 82 in January, was the oldest present, and Melinda Castleberry the youngest at age 2 years.

Marriages included: Jay and Mary Kay Fritz, January 31, 1990; Kevin Scott Retzlaff to Tammie Rae Lay, June 22, 1991; and Jonathan David Bates to Ellen Bishop, October 26, 1991.

Births included: Kandace Leann Fritz, to Jay and Mary Kay Fritz, September, 1990; Bradley Kyle Retzlaff, to Todd and Samantha Retzlaff, June 15, 1991, and Dustin Levi Mitcham, July 10, 1992, to David and Lisa Mitcham.

Arnold and Margaret Kleinschmidt had thrown a birthday party for themselves two nights before the reunion, in the Lutheran Parish Hall, and the tables and decorations were still up and enjoyed by all present. Arnold is only two days older than Margaret, so they celebrate together. Their children told some amusing stories of happenings and events in their growing-up years with their parents, and the fifty or so present had a most enjoyable evening.

The Parish Hall proved to be so well suited it was voted to have the reunion here again in 1993.

The Lexington relatives were thanked for providing for the gathering, and Arnold was especially thanked for providing for the use of the hall.

Mrs. Robert Vance