The 44th Annual Reunion of the Retzlaff Famiy was held at Hollywood Park in the Recreation Building in San Antonio, Texas, on July 21, 1991, with 37 relatives present.

The Donald Retzlaff family was unable to attend and was greatly missed, as were the family books they always bring with them. Perhaps it gave the group present more time to really sit down and visit and catch up on the joys (and the sorrows) of loved ones we sometimes see only at our reunion.

Coffee and doughnuts were available for early arrivals, and for the noon meal a delicious barbecue menu was catered.

Following the meal a business meeting was held, and it was noted that Frank and Irene Vance from Groves, Texas, and Gary Schulz from Denton, Texas, had traveled the longest distances. It was a "first time" for Gary and he was most cordially welcomed into the group.

Reverend Nolan Vance was the oldest present at the age of 83, and Jennie Dennis, granddaughter of Frank and Irene Vance, was the youngest at age 11.

Nolan Vance reported the birth of their second great-grandchild, Braden Alan Walker, on April 16, 1991 to Sherrie and Tony Walker in San Angelo, Texas. The Ruben Retzlaffs reported a great granddaughter, Caitlin Stienman, born to Michael and Lisa on March 31, 1991.

Two weddings were reported: Grace Elliott to Jay James on October 13, 1990; and Thomas Zaddock James Jr. to Nancy Higginbotham on August 4, 1990.

Three deaths were sadly noted: Wilma Dutton Olsen Baca on November 30, 1990; Wyatt L. Smith on March 4, 1991; and W.F. "Bill" Retzlaff on July 16, 1991. Ruby Vance spoke a few words concerning the kind of man Bill was, since she and her husband Robert and Bill and his wife, Zelma, had been close during the years their children were growing up. Bill ran a wheel aligning shop in Temple and Robert was a rural mail carrier in Lexington. The damage to his vehicle on rough country roads often sent him to Bill, his first cousin, because he knew the job would be done right. Honesty, integrity and dependability were just some of the good qualities of Bill Retzlaff.

Emma Lou Voges stated that she sent out 130 reunion notices, 8 were returned because of no forwarding addresses, 11 acknowledged by letter, and 10 by phone calls. In other words, only 21 recepients acknowledged receiving a notice out of 130 sent. Perhaps we need to cut out those we never hear from, but no action was taken at this meeting.

Lexington's invitation to have the reunion in 1992 was accepted.

A hearty vote of thanks was given to the Voges family for a fine day of fellowship, and to Jenny Dennis for taking snapshots.

Mrs. Robert L. Vance, Sect.