The 43rd annual Reunion of the Retzlaff Families was held in the City Park building at Lexington July 15, 1990 with 79 relatives and 9 visitors present.

Donald and Norma Retzlaff arrived with the family books, and they, as usual, proved to be of great interest to the various families. Donald took family photos before and after lunch.

A locally prepared barbecue lunch was enjoyed by all after Frank Vance led in a prayer of thanks for the bountiful blessings God has poured out on this extended family.

Mary Beth Gibson had charge of the business meeting in the afternoon and read some correspondence from several relatives who could not attend. She stated that we are still having reunion notices returned because of incorrect addresses.

It was found that Gina Clark and daughter, Jennifer, from San Diego, California traveled the longest distance to attend. it was humorously noted that Bobby and Nita Vance, who live directly across Highway 77 from the Park, came the shortest: Wyatt L. Smith at 88 years of age was the oldest in attendance; and Melinda Gayle Castleberry, who was born Feb. 1, 1990, was the youngest present at 5 1/2 months.

Aaron Kleinschmidt, 6 months old son of Tim and Anna Kleinschmidt was a close runner-up. He was born Jan 19, 1990. Also reported was the birth of Haley Dakota Peterson, daughter of Warren and Vicki Peterson, in Nashville, Tennessee on Mar. 22, 1990. She is a granddaughter of Harding and Mary Peterson.

Sadly noted were the deaths of Sophia Ahrendt on Aug. 28, 1989; Osclar Placke on March 16, 1990; and Rosalind Olsen McFarland, Feb. 8, 1990.

Donald and Norma Retzlaff are working on redoing the family books because of their deteriorating condition. Donald gave some suggestions to the families present on what to continue to send in for preservation - births, deaths, weddings, pictures, obituaries, etc. He also asked the secretary, Ruby Vance, to send him all the old minutes that might be put in book form. A special offering was taken up to help with the expenses of this task.

Gloria Lear of Corpus Christi, offered to host the 1991 reunion, but she realized that San Antonio where her parents and other relatives live would be more centrally located and she would help out there. It was voted to go to San Antonio.

Lexington relatives especially Mary Beth Gibson, Bobby and Nita Vance, Tim and Tom Kleinschmidt, Wayne Retzlaff and sons Allen and Kevin were thanked for their efforts to make the day a pleasant one.

Mrs. Robert Vance