The annual Retzlaff Family Reunion, our 41st, was held in Little River, Texas, at the Community Center on July 17, 1988. A total of about 75 relatives and 3 visitors were present.

A catered barbecue meal was enjoyed at lunch, along with the favorite desserts brought by the families attending.

A business session was presided over by Shorty Retzlaff following lunch. It was found that Wyatt L. Smith was the oldest relative in attendance at age 86, and Lauren Vally Kleinschmidt at 6 months was the youngest. David Retzlaff and family from South Carolina, traveled the longest distance. Noteworthy was the fact that David's parents, Weldon and Mary Retzlaff, and all his brothers and sisters were also present. One of our beloved older family members, Fred Vance, had passed away Aug. 31, 1987.

It was noted that too many reunion notices were being returned because of incorrect addresses, and families were asked to make corrections where known. Poor response to pleas for up-dates on individual family statistics prompted Donald Retzlaff to ask Ruby Vance to send out another letter to all valid addresses we have and see if we could get more information for up-dating our books.

Ron and Kathy Rogers of Austin asked to host the reunion in 1989 in or near Austin. It was gladly granted.

Bill and Zelma Retzlaff and their children and families were thanked for making this a lovely time to gather, visit, take pictures and enjoy the extended family in a comfortable setting.

A freewill offering was taken to defray the cost of the use of the building and other expenses.

Mrs. Robert Vance