The 40th annual reunion of the Retzlaff Family was held in the City Park building in Lexington, July 19, 1987 with 92 relatives and 4 visitors present.

The family books were of interest, as usual, as was the picture taking. New relatives--one we had never met before--were present, and gladly welcomed into the family.

The Rev. Donald Eszey offered the prayer for the noon meal that was prepared locally--the delicious barbecue was done by Allen and Kevin Retzlaff, and the bounteous trimmings by Mrs. Adolph Patschke and helpers. As always the dessert table was laden with sweets brought by those attending and was a spot to visit again and again during the afternoon. Dr. Tom Kleinschmidt conducted the business session following lunch and the following statistics were noted: Hallie Haug of Sulphur, Louisiana traveled the farthest distance to attend; Fred Vance at 83, and our newly met relative, Wyatt L. Smith, at 85 were the oldest present; and 1 year old Michael Bartlett was the youngest.

Two deaths in the at-large family were noted with sorrow. That of Frank Swanson Retzlaff on Oct. 31, 1986, and of Carolyn Vance Hobbs on May 19, 1987.

Two weddings were reported: Karon Frances Rogers to Kenneth Row Shouse on Nov. 29, 1986; and Donald Lewis (Donny) Vance to Evelyn Ruth Bell on May 9, 1987.

Births were: Katherine Louise Kleinschmidt Oct. 10, 1986; Paige Christine Retzlaff Dec. 3, 1986; Tyler Catlin Kloss April 12, 1987; and Daniel James Gealy, May 29, 1987.

The individual families were asked to stand and introduce themselves and tell which branch of the family they represented.

Donnie Retzlaff spoke again concerning the up-dating of the family books. Ruby Vance was asked to send out a letter to each address we have and ask for the necessary information.

Bill and Zelma Retzlaff's children invited the families to meet in Temple (or nearby) in 1988. The invitation was gladly accepted.

Tom and Tim Kleinschmidt and their wives were thanked for hosting a cool, comfortable reunion in the Park building.

Mrs. Robert Vance