The annual Retzlaff Family Reunion was held in Katy, Texas, July 20, 1986 at the Memorial Parkway Clubhouse with 85 relatives present.

Frank Laminack, son-in-law of Frank and Ruth Retzlaff, acted as official photographer in the absence of Donald and Norma Retzlaff and their son, Donnie. Donnie Retzlaff had severely injured his knee on Friday night and Donald and Norma were with him in Denton. We all wish Donnie the best and hope for his speedy recovery. This was the first reunion that the history books were not available for viewing. They were sorely missed.

A barbecue meal was greatly enjoyed at the noon hour, after which a business session was held with Mary Beth Gibson in charge. The absence of the Donald Retzlaff family was noted as was that of Bill and Zelma Retzlaff, the first time the latter two had missed in the 39 times the reunion has been held. Ruby Vance is the only member who has not been absent--as yet.

The Frank Retzlaff family of Fort Worth traveled the farthest to attend; Fred Vance at 82, was the oldest in attendance; and Zachery Alan Kloss, at 6 months, was the youngest. Zachery Alan is the son of Alan and Debbie Kloss of Sheridan and was born Jan. 11, 1986. Another birth was that of Anthony Allen Retzlaff, son of Allen and Brenda Retzlaff, of Lexington, on Feb. 28, 1985. One death was noted with sorrow, that of Flora Peterson Cunningham on Jan. 15, 1986.

Frank and Irene Vance announced the upcoming celebration of their Golden Wedding Anniversary to be held in the First United Methodist Church in Groves, Texas on Nov. 22, 1986, and all were invited to attend.

From a freewill offering to cover expenses for the day $25.00 was sent to Donnie Retzlaff to help on expenses of up-dating the history books, and the balance of $22.00 was sent to Frank Retzlaff for film and developing costs.

Lexington was chosen as the gathering place for 1987.

Carlton and Mary Beth Gibson, and Phillip and Margaret Ann Wood were heartily thanked for hosting a fine reunion.

Mrs. Robert Vance