The annual Retzlaff Family Reunion was held in the school cafetorium in Lexington on July 21, 1985 with Mr. and Mrs Frank Vance of Groves and Rev. and Mrs. Nolan Vance of College Station in charge of arrangements, assisted by the Lexington relatives. There was a total of about 120 present.

The morning was spent in the usual way---visiting, looking over the family history books, and picture making by Donald Retzlaff and his son, Donnie.

The noon meal was catered by Rudy Mikeska of Taylor at a charge of $3.75 a plate for adults and $2.75 for children. A prayer of thanksgiving to God for His mercies and love for us that manifested itself in our love for our earthly family was offered by Donald Retzlaff before the meal was enjoyed. The heavenly laden dessert tables were a delight to all, both after the meal and again before departing for home in the afternoon.

Frank and Nolan Vance led the business meeting at 1:30 PM. Gina Clark and family had traveled the longest distance--from Del Mar, California. Sophia Ahrendt at 87 was the oldest in attendance, and Jason Cole Brockenbusch at 6 1/2 months was the youngest.

Births reported included Jared Daniel Yandell, Aug. 26, 1983 to Danny and Andrea Yandell. Jared is a grandson of Charles and Gina Clark, and great-grandson of Ruben and Elois Retzlaff. Chrystal Renee Retzlaff to David and Malinda Retzlaff Sept. 13, 1984, granddaughter of Weldon and Mary Retzlaff; Elizabeth Rae Spell to Karen Retzlaff Spell, April 1, 1985, granddaughter of Weldon and Mary; James Arnold Kleinschmidt to Paul and Emily Kleinschmidt Oct 19, 1984, grandson of Arnold and Margaret Kleinschmidt; Nathan Wade Jackson to Joe and Susan Jackson Jan. 31, 1985, grandson of Barbara and Franklin Naivar and great-grandson of W.F. and Zelma Retzlaff; and Jason Cole Brockenbusch to Charles, Jr. and Gloria Brockenbusch Dec. 26, 1984, grandson of Charles and Esther Brockenbusch.

Weddings included: Kimberley Kathryn Rogers to Davided Garland Murray Oct. 6, 1984; Timothy Kleinschmidt to Anna Marie Schmidt May 26, 1984; and Sandra Lynn Vance to Vincent Stocke June 18, 1985

Deaths in the family included: Andy Hilburn, date unknown; Frank N. Sanders in Sept. 1984, and James Anderson Lewis Oct. 24, 1984 at age 93.

Expenses were totaled which included tax on meal tickets, $25.00 for use of cafetorium, $25.00 for film, and $56.50 miscellaneous. A freewill offering was taken, all expenses were paid and a balance of $14.00 was left to apply on 1986 reunion.

It was voted to go to Katy for the 1986 reunion, with Mary Beth Gibson and Margaret Woods in charge, assisted by Mary Ann Williford and Patricia Purl.

Ten of the Retzlaff cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. Alton Voges, Mrs. Marie Weiss, Mrs. Ruby Vance, Rev. and Mrs. Nolan R. Vance, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Vance, had enjoyed a two-weeks escorted tour of Europe in May 1985, and by request several shared some of the enjoyable experiences we had along with 30 other Americans from various states.

It was a day well spent and we parted in mid-afternoon hoping to all meet again in Katy in July 1986.

Mrs. Robert Vance