The annual Retzlaff Family Reunion was held in the City Park in Comfort, Texas, July 15, 1984 with Ruben and Elois Retzlaff in charge. There was a good attendance of 93 relatives and 7 visitors. It had been feared by some that the non-air-conditioned building would be uncomfortable before the day was over, but the fears were unfounded. A cool breeze through the raised walls blessed us as we greeted arrivals and poured over family books.

Donald and Donnie Retzlaff started taking pictures in one end of the building before the noon meal was served and soon had that task done. The Rev. Nolan Vance was asked to give our prayer of thanksgiving for all of God's gifts to the extended family. The meal was then served by caterers and was very fine barbecue with all the trimmings. The desserts brought by each family loaded a table to one side and proved a very popular spot throughout the afternoon.

Elois Retzlaff conducted a business meeting following lunch, and the following statistics were reported: travelling the longest distance was the Charles Clark family from Del Mar, California; the oldest relative present was Fred Vance at age 80; the youngest was 9 week old Elizabeth Marie Woods, born May 11, 1984, to Philip and Margaret Ann (Vance) Woods of Katy, Texas. Also reported was the birth of George Bissett Peterson, April 30, 1983, to Paul and Jean Purl on Sept. 27, 1983, to Jack and Patricia (Weiss) Purl, and granddaughter of Marie (Peterson) Weiss.

The death of Rudolph Ahrendt on May 30, 1984 was noted, as was the absence of Anderson Lewis who is in Poor health at age 93.

Gina Clark, daughter of Ruben and Elois Retzlaff, announced that the Golden Wedding Anniversary of their parents would be celebrated Dec. 23, 1984 in Comfort and wished everyone to mark the date on their calendar to attend if at all possible. Nolan Vance spoke to the fact that he and Gussie had just observed theirs on June 24th and had enjoyed the day greatly with many relatives and friends. Name tags were used at the Comfort gathering and everyone agreed they were useful in recognizing those we do not see very often.

Wilma Olsen introduced a visitor, Angie Jaeggle; and Elois had also introduced three couples, included their pastor and his wife, who had lunch with us.

Three places were suggested for the 1985 Reunion: Lexington, Temple, and ________. Lexington got the most votes, and Frank and Nolan Vance agreed to assist the few Lexington relatives in preparing for it.

An offering was taken to defray the cost of the building, $100.00 film costs, $25,00, and $20.00 for postage. Each person had already paid $3.50 for his lunch. When expenses had been taken out a balance of $9.40 was left over to apply on 1985 expenses.

Mrs. Robert Vance