The annual Retzlaff Reunion was held in the American Legion Hall in Belton July 19, 1981 with the W.F. Retzlaff families again in charge. A total of 64 relatives and 3 visitors were registered. Melton Retzlaff was in charge of registration and the sale of lunch tickets for the catered meal.

The weather was quite warm, hot really, for it reached 100 or higher during the afternoon. However, it was not as dry as at reunion time in 1980.

As always the family records are points of interest as everyone checks to see how last year's pictures turned out. And as always, too, Donald Retzlaff and son Donnie, have to remind us to get our family groups together for this year's picture-making. But again, as always, visitation is the real spirit of the gathering as relatives check on the well-being, or in some cases, the misfortunes of each other.

Before we partook of the bounteous barbecue meal, Nolan Vance offered a prayer of thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father, for the blessings of the past year, and especially for the privilege of belonging to a warm and loving earthly family. As usual the meal was topped off with many delicious desserts brought by the attending families.

Following lunch a business meeting was called with William Glen (Shorty) Retzlaff in charge. It was announced that expenses amounted to $130.00---this included such things as the rent of the building, drinks, etc. A hat was passed and the amount soon collected. The Charles Clark family Del Mar, California came the longest distance to attend, and their great-granddaughter, Aubrey Yandell, at 15 months, was the youngest in attendance. She was born April 6, 1980. Anderson Lewis, at 90 years, was the oldest.

There were two weddings reported: Patty Retzlaff to Keith DeWayne Northen Mar 12, 1981; Allen Retzlaff to Brenda King May 23, 1981.

Donnie spoke about the family history books and stated they would be updated before the next reunion. He stressed the importance of sending in vital statistics in order to keep them current.

A place to meet in 1982 was in order and three invitations were extended: Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and Fort Worth. San Antonio received the majority of the votes and Alton and Emma Lou Voges will be in charge of arrangements.

Willie Frank and Zelma Retzlaff and Robert and Ruby Vance were once more able to stand up as family members who have never missed a reunion. Ruby Vance thanked the group for remembering her and Robert on their Golden Wedding Anniversary in Aug. 1980 by their attendance at the celebration or by the lovely cards and letters received from those who could not attend.

Frank Retzlaff reported that Louise (Toots) Young is now in a Rest Home in Fort Worth and would enjoy hearing from relatives.

There being no further business we were adjourned to spend some more time in visiting before departing for home.

Mrs. Robert Vance