The annual Retzlaff Family Reunion was held in the American Legion Hall in Belton, Texas, on July 20, 1980, with 77 relatives and 3 visitors in attendance. The W. F. Retzlaff families were in charge of arrangements.

The weather was hot and dry with Texas being in an extended drought. This may have accounted for the small attendance, in part, though gasoline was plentiful at around $1.15 to $1.25 a gallon which it was not in 1979. Many arrivals were early since they chose to drive in the relative coolness of the morning, and soon settled down to enjoying the various family history books.
Geneva Tonahill offered a prayer of thanksgiving and a grace for the noon meal which was barbecue and trimmings catered by Clem Mikeska of Belton at $3.50 per plate. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Desserts were brought by the attending families, as usual.

Following the meal William Glenn (Shorty) Retzlaff presided over a business meeting. An offering was taken to care for incidental expenses. It was found that Mark Bates, who is attending college in Spain, traveled the longest distance to attend the reunion. Andy Anderson 86 was the oldest in attendance, and Aubrey Yandell who was born April 6, 1980, was the youngest. Aubrey is a great-granddaughter of Ruben and Elois Retzlaff. Other births since last reunion included Jenny Louise Dennis to Mr. and Mrs. Randy Craig Johnson on Dec. 29, 1979. The only wedding reported was that of Frank Hall Retzlaff to Lisa Lynn Baskin on Dec. 8, 1979 in Ft. Worth, and the only death was Robert W. Grauke on Oct. 11, 1979.

Bill and Zelma Retzlaff and Robert and Ruby Vance were given a round of applause for never having missed a reunion since it was started in 1947.

Frank Retzlaff reminded the group that some of them had not yet had their pictures made for this year. The picture making was done under a large banner reading "RETZLAFF ANNUAL REUNION 1980" and was very neatly done by Teresa Alexander.

Donnie Retzlaff spoke concerning the need to up-date the family history books that individuals now own. They were distributed five years ago and it was agreed that we would make an effort to up-date them every five years. This will be worked on during the year and the new material will be available at the 1981 reunion. The family-at-large is grateful for this work of love that Donnie is carrying on in much the same way that his grandmother, Cousin Emma, did for so many years. She is still missed so very much at our meetings.

When asked where the reunion should be in 1981 an invitation was extended by the W. W. Retzlaff families to meet again in Belton in the same American Legion Hall. There invitation was accepted with pleasure.

Earlier in the meeting Mrs. Robert Vance announced that their children were planning a reception honoring their parents on their fiftieth wedding anniversary. It was to be held in the Methodist Church in Lexington, on Aug. 17, 1980, from 3 to 5 PM.

The business meeting adjourned and there was lots more visitation before departing for home from a day well spent.

Ruby Vance