The Lexington School Cafetorium was the sight of the 1979 Retzlaff Reunion with Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kleinschmidt in charge. There were 86 relatives and 4 visitors present for a total of 90.

Since the 1978 pictures did not turn out, picture making of the various families was stressed during the morning. As usual, though, "just visiting" was the much enjoyed past-time, or looking through the family books.

A catered meal, costing $3.00 per plate, was served at noon with lots of desserts brought by each family. Following the meal a brief business session was held with Arnold conducting it. An offering was taken to take care of incidental expenses. Only about 50 cents per person was needed when the $59.50 left over from the 1978 was added. $6.00 was left to apply on the 1980 reunion.

The family statistics reported the birth of Virginia Elizabeth Kleinschmidt, the youngest person present, on April 6, 1979; Jeffrey August Williford, adopted son of George and Mary Ann Weiss Williford, on Jan. 28, 1979; and Ervin Franklin Laminak, III on June 28, 1979 to Frank and Mary Chris Laminack.

Jennifer Lea McCarty was married to Randy Craig Johnson on Dec. 29, 1978.

Anderson Lewis at 88 was the oldest person present, and the Weldon R. Retzlaff family from Bridge City, Texas, traveled the farthest.

Willie Frank Retzlaff families offered to host the reunion in Temple or Belton for 1980. Nolan Vance moved that we accept their offer, it was seconded and approved. Melton Retzlaff agreed to be in charge.

Mrs. Robert Vance