The 31st Annual Reunion of the Retzlaff Family, (with one year, 1948, that it was not held), with 105 relatives present and 4 visitors, was held in the High School Cafetorium in Lexington on July 16, 1978.

Donnie Retzlaff took pictures of family groups, as usual. The numerous family history books were out on tables and were eagerly sought by one and all.

A barbecue, beans, and salad lunch was enjoyed, and was topped off, of course, with the delicious desserts brought by each family.

Wayne Retzlaff conducted a business session following the meal at which time an offering was taken to pay for the expenses. After all bills were taken care of there was a balance of $59.50 left to apply on the 1979 Reunion.

The Methodist pastor at Lexington, Rev. Bill Rainwater, and his wife Lynne, and their two children, Kimberley and John, were recognized as visitors. Anderson Lewis of Lexington was the oldest present at age 87. Bret Botard was the youngest at 1 1/2 years. Dorothy Cryer, Lillian Grauke Levine, Genevieve Williams, and Hallie Haug, all from Louisiana, traveled the farthest to attend. (300 miles plus)

Three marriages were announced: Richard Stuart Retzlaff (Weldon's son) to Dana Lynn Johnson Mar. 17, 1978; Patricia Lynn Retzlaff (Welson's daughter) to Fred Daniel Gealy, III, July 22, 1978.

One birth was announced: Kimberley Sue Miller (Sheryl Kleinschmidt's daughter) on Mar. 16, 1978.

The sudden and unexpected death of Rev. Edward R. Haug on Dec. 21, 1977 (husband of Hallie Retzlaff) saddened the entire family. He was greatly missed at this gathering.

Lexington was again chosen as the meeting place for the 1979 Reunion to be held on the third Sunday in July.

Mrs. Robert Vance