The annual Retzlaff Family Reunion was held in Waco, Texas, July 17, 1977 in the Johnson Student Center at The Methodist Home For Children. The facilities were ample and quite comfortable for the 109 persons in attendance. Ruben and Elois Retzlaff, their three children and their families hosted the gathering, and a vote of thanks was extended them for a job well done.

The morning was spent greeting arrivals, visiting, and poring over the well-kept family history books. Picture making was also taken care of in the usual manner.

The noon meal of barbecue and trimmings was generous and most delicious, as was the loaded dessert table which boasted some favorite sweets brought by each family. After the meal all who wished to go swimming were carried by car to the Home swimming pool for a thirty minute dip. When they returned a business meeting was conducted by Mrs. Jena (Retzlaff) Clark. It was found that Anderson Lewis was the oldest relative present at age 86, and Bret Botard at 5 months was the youngest. Frank and Vivian Bates and family came the farthest to attend, from Norfolk, Va. about 1600 miles.

One wedding was reported: Kathryn Maxine Monk (granddaughter of Rev. and Mrs. Edward R. Haug) to David Lawrence Zink, May 22, 1977.

Births included Teresa Marie Bates, Nov. 15, 1976, and Bret Allen Botard Feb.7, 1977.

Deaths included those of Vera Aileen Grauke (Mrs. Richard V. McMahan), Mrs. Emma Christine Retzlaff, Jan. 9, 1977, Mrs. Helen Louise Hornung, April 15, 1977, and Lawrence D. Grauke, June 23, 1977.

Sincere sympathy is extended the close survivors of each of these relatives. Words of appreciation were spoken for the unselfish service of our Cousin Emma as she gave so willingly of her time and resources in compiling the family history books that we so thoroughly enjoy from year to year. We sorrow at her death yet we also rejoice that she was spared into the 89th year to serve her Lord by serving her family and her fellow man. She will be greatly missed, but what an inheritance she left that not only this generation that knew her but also the ones to come can rise up and call her blessed. We are fortunate that her grandson, Donnie Retzlaff, has taken over where she had to leave off and will keep the books up-to-date as information is sent to him. In doing this we feel he is offering a rich memorial to his grandmother from which all of us will benefit. We offer him our sincere thanks and cooperation.

Donnie spoke concerning the family history books that were being handed out to those who had already paid for them. Others were to be mailed when he got more printed. He realized we would find errors and called our attention to a page in the back of the book on which we can make corrections or additions and mail to him. He also stated he would make a corrected mailing list to be used for the 1978 reunion.

Nolan Vance moved and it was seconded, voted on and carried that an offering be taken to reimburse Donnie for the film used for the many pictures taken each year for the books, and if it should be more than needed that the balance be given to the Methodist Home for the use of their facilities, and that it be given as a memorial to Cousin Emma and Helen Hornung. The offering amounted to $63.50. Donnie accepted $25.00 for film and the balance of $38.50 was mailed to the Home by your secretary along with a letter of thanks for the use of their building and pool. Later Elois Retzlaff sent a check to me from her children on the same offering. So the total sent the home was $51.50.

The Balance of $32.15 left from the 1976 Reunion was returned to the secretary for the use at the 1978 gathering, since Elois had paid all bills from the per plate charge made as we arrived.

Wayne and Pat Retzlaff will host the Reunion the third Sunday in July 1978 in Lexington and will be assisted by all other relatives in the area.

Mrs. Robert Vance