The Eagle Lake Community Center at Eagle Lake, Texas, was the gathering point on July 18, 1976 for 99 relatives and 4 visitors for the annual Retzlaff Family Reunion. Mrs. Leola Retzlaff Kloss and her son and wife, Alan and Debbie, were in charge of arrangements.

The family books were in demand during the morning hours, being passed from member to member to check the new pictures added from the year before. Donnie Retzlaff was a busy young man taking the pictures to be added for another year. A fact that has not been included in these notes from year to year is that Cousin Emma and her family have made the books and pictures a labor of love for the rest of us and at their own expense. The entire Retzlaff clan is deeply indebted to them for this untiring effort, and expresses love and appreciation to them for it.

The Rev. Edward Haug gave the invocation and grace for the noon meal. Following the delicious, catered, "eat all you want" barbecue meal, Leola presided at a short business session. Notes from the 1975 reunion at Buchanan Dam were read. Uncle Ben Retzlaff, the last remaining child of the Bernhard Retzlaff family, had passed away May 7, 1976 at the age 89. Leola stated that he had planned to be at this reunion since he was residing in a Rest Home in Eagle Lake, but the Lord called him to a greater one.

In checking the ages of the oldest and youngest members present it was found that Cousin Emma at age 88 was the oldest (with Anderson Lewis not far behind) and Cousin Emma's great-granddaughter, Stacey Christine Laminack, at 6 months, the youngest. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wooley and family from San Angelo, Texas, had traveled the longest distance (about 400 miles) to attend.

Marriages during the past year included Neil Peterson to Becky Michon on Aug. 12, 1975; and Linda Trick Lowery to Al _______ on July 4, 1976.

Births included Angela Suzanne Elliott, Aug. 25, 1975; Stacey Christine Laninack, Jan. 15, 1976; and Erin Leigh Vance May 2, 1976,

Deaths included, besides that of Uncle Ben, Ralph Warrick on March 11, 1976.

Donnie Retzlaff aroused interest in the family history that is almost complete by citing some intriguing facts that will be contained in it. Many ordered their copies by prepaying the $10.00 cost and getting their names on a mailing list.

Two invitations were given for the 1977 reunion; Mrs. Reuben Retzlaff offered the facilities of the Methodist Home in Waco, and Mrs. Freda Retzlaff offered facilities at Lexington. It was decided to accept the Waco offer for 1977 and the Lexington one for 1978.

A freewill offering was taken to defray expenses and a balance of $32.15 was retained by the secretary, Ruby Vance, to apply on the 1977 reunion.

"Happy Birthday" was sung to Pat Retzlaff (Mrs. Melton Retzlaff).

An interesting fact was brought out: that two couples, Bill and Zelma Retzlaff and Robert and Ruby Vance, had not missed a single Reunion.

Mrs. Robert Vance