The Annual Retzlaff Family Reunion was held at Buchanan Dam, July 20, 1975 with Mrs. Donald Elzey in charge of arrangements. About 115 were in attendance.

Following a morning of picture making and visiting, a delicious catered lunch was served consisting of barbecued beef, turkey sausage, beans, slaw, onion rings, pickles, and iced tea. Each family brought a dessert to be shared with the group.

Billy Elzey was in charge of the business session in the afternoon. It was noted that the balance left from the 1974 reunion was not sufficient to care for the expenses for this year's meeting. Mrs. Helen Hornung moved that a freewill offering be taken, it was seconded and carried. A total of $53.09 was collected, which gave us a total of $104.49 with last years remainder. Expenses were $58.00 which leaves $46.49 to apply on the 1976 reunion.

One wedding was announced: that of Kent William Faseler, grandson of Mrs. Helen Hornung, to Amanda Sue Mallory on July 27, 1974, Births included: Steven Wade Purl to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Purl, on Nov. 7, 1974(a grandson of Mrs. Marie Weiss); Frank Bernard Peterson II, to Mr. and Mrs. Steve Peterson on Feb. 14, 1975 (he was given his grandfather's name); and Eric Carlton Gibson to Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Gibson, Jr. on March 3, 1975 (grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Vance). The only death announced was that of Frank Bernard Peterson, age 58, on Nov. 17, 1974. The grandson born three months later now carries his name.

Cousin Emma age 87 was the oldest present, and Sherry Naiver, age 13 months, was the youngest. Sherry and Sandra Vance from Anchorage, Alaska, traveled the longest distance to attend.

Donnie Retzlaff, granson of Cousin Emma's had a copy of the family history book being compiled and he spent much of the day going over family branches with members who could make any corrections that needed to be made before the book went to press. The books will cost about $10.00 each and contain many pictures, letters, and items of interest besides the actual family trees. It is completely indexed and shows the great amount of work that went into it. Many spoke words of appreciation to Cousin Emma and Donnie for their labors. They both spoke about the book and how it had been a labor of love for the Retzlaff Family. Robert Vance asked for permission to speak to the group. It was granted, and he urged all parents and grandparents present to be mindful of passing on bits of family history to their children and grand-children that might otherwise be lost.

Mrs. Leola Kloss invited the 1976 Reunion be held in Sheridan, and it was gladly accepted. She asked for a vote on weather or not it should be catered. The vote was to cater if it could be done reasonably. Leola reported that her father, Ben Retzlaff, the only surviving member of the Bernard Retzlaff Family, was in a hospital at present but was dong quite well. He was looking forward to being at the 1976 reunion.

How many were present who had never missed a reunion? Only four could hold up their hands on that one!

Mrs. Geneva Tonahill spoke words of thanks for the group for the work of Bernice and her Children in providing the setting for a beautiful day. The session closed with the singing of "God Be With You Till We Meet Again".

Mrs. Robert Vance