The 27th Retzlaff Family Reunion was held July 21, 1974 at the high school Cafetorium in Lexington with Robert and Ruby Vance in charge of arrangements. 122 relatives and 7 visitors were registered.

A special vote of thanks goes to Donald Retzlaff and his son, Donnie, for their skill and patience in getting the various family groups together for picture-making. The pictures, added to the family books each year, keep the books up-dated and quite interesting. It is the desire of these volunteer photographers that each person present is in one or more pictures to enhance the books.

It is heart warming to greet relatives from year to year, and for those who cannot attend every year, perhaps it is the first time they have greeted each other in several years. So with picture-making and visiting the morning goes by rapidly.

Following a bountiful barbecue meal, at noon, for which Edward Haug offered a prayer of thanksgiving, a business session was called with Robert Vance presiding. It was found that the oldest person present was Uncle Ben Retzlaff, age 87; the youngest was one month old Sherry Michelle Naivar, daughter of Franklin and Barbara Kay (Retzlaff) Naivar, and granddaughter of Willie Frank and Zelma Retzlaff; and the Clarks of Delmar, California had traveled the longest distance to be present. Uncle Ben also claimed the distinction of being the only person present with a great-grand-daughter also present --- she being Shelley Lynn Botard, daughter of Sandra (Kloss) and Mack Botard, born Sept. 29, 1973.

Other Births noted were those of Debra Baca Welty's, son, William Christopher Baca Welty, Apr. 13, 1974, James Dean Chance, May 13, 1974, to Randy and Kathy Smith Chance; and John Henry Stone, April 3, 1974 to Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Stone, Jr.

Mourned in their passing from our midst were Mrs. B.H. (Emma) Retzlaff, July 30, 1973; Adlie Lee Smith, July 5, 1974; and a cousin in Bochum, Germany, Helmut Wittlinger on Sept 29, 1973. A letter from him that was received just before his death, was read by Mary Beth (Vance) Gibson.

Also noted was the wedding of Donny and Arlene Vance on Aug. 26, 1973.

Nolan Vance and Cousin Emma spoke concerning the history books that they had hoped to have ready by reunion time. Several things had delayed them, but they reported they were almost ready for printing. Cousin Emma cited some very interesting statistics in regard to the Retzlaff families, both in Germany and the United States.

An offering was taken to cover the costs for the day and it amounted to 183.70. Leftover barbecue was sold for $6.00 to bring the total to 189.70. Expenses amounted to $138.30, leaving a balance of $51.40 for use on the 1975 reunion.

Mrs. Berniece (Peterson) Elzey invited the group to meet at Buchanan Dam for the 1975 gathering of the family, and invitation was accepted.

Edward Haug asked to be allowed to express warm and sincere thanks from the whole group for the fine job done by the Lexington relatives in preparing for the large attendance, and also to express appreciation to the Lexington school trustees for making the excellent facilities of the Cafetorium available to us.

The business meeting adjourned with a prayer by Nolan Vance who expressed thanks to our Heavenly Father for the privilege of belonging to this earthly family, and for the greater privilege of belonging to the family of God.

Mrs. Robert Vance