The annual Retzlaff Family Reunion was held at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Temple on Sunday July 15, 1973. The W.F. Retzlaff was in charge with Melton and Pat as chairmen of arrangements. It proved to be a wonderful day with some 90 relatives present, in spite of the fact that the committee found out at 5:00 P.M. the day before that there had been a mix-up on dates for the S.P.J.T. building they had signed up for nearly a year earlier, and they had to rush around at the last moment to find another meeting place. Luckily the K. of C. Hall was available because of a cancellation.

Picture making was again done by Donnie Retzlaff and this year each adult was asked to pose for a bust photograph in addition to the family and group pictures.

The center of interest in the commodious building were the tables containing the family record books kept up to date by Cousin Emma Retzlaff; also the long food table that was centered with a beautiful 3 tier cake commemorating the 25th consecutive year of the family gathering. The first reunion was held July 30, 1947, the next year was skipped, then in 1949 it was voted to have it every year. Our special thanks to Pat (Mrs. Melton) Retzlaff for honoring the occasion.

Mrs. Geneva Tonahill led the group in a prayer of thanks to God for his many blessings to the family, and asked his gracious guidance for another year, before we partook of the bountiful food before us.

Following the meal, W.F. Retzlaff conducted a business session. Cousin Emma was again the oldest relative present, and Jennifer Leigh Clark 3 months the youngest. Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Clark (Gena Retzlaff) of Carlsbad, California had driven the farthest.

Amoung weddings reported were those of Paul B. and Land Peterson; Debra Baca to Brandt Allen Welty and Margaret Vance to Philip Woods. Deaths were those of two younger family members, Edmund Neil Vance, 25 on Sept. 10, 1972; and Cynthia Haug, 29, on Feb. 2 1973.

A number of letters were received from relatives unable to attend.

The Lexington relatives asked for the reunion for 1974 with Robert and Ruby Vance to be in charge. It was agreed on without dissent.

Cousin Emma Retzlaff and Nolan Vance spoke to the group concerning the family history books to be made available to individuals. It is proving difficult to get all information needed to complete the nine branches involved, they reported. A cut-off date of Jan. 1, 1974 was set in hopes that the books could be ready by reunion time in July 1974. The price of the books could not be estimated, but a show of hands from those present indicated a great interest in the project, and the number that would be needed.

Coffee and anniversary cake were enjoyed by all before departing for our homes after an enjoyable day.

Mrs. Robert Vance