The annual Retzlaff Family Reunion was held at the North East Student Center in San Antonio on July 16, 1972 with 112 relatives and 12 guests present.

"Mr. Photographer" Donnie Retzlaff, was on hand for the usual, as well as some unusual, picture taking. These pictures are a wonderful source of enjoyment from year to year.

John Veltman conducted the business session, following a bountiful noonday meal for which a prayer of thanks for blessings past and present was beautifully offered by Harding Peterson. Frank and Vivian Bates and family of Las Vegas, Nevada had traveled the longest distance to be present. Cousin Emma Retzlaff was the oldest relative present, and Rebecca Louise Elliott, 2 1/2 months old daughter of Walter and Grace Elliott, was the youngest.

Marriages included those of Jay and Millicent Retzlaff and Mary Chris Retzlaff to Ervin Franklin Laminack II.

Amoung the births during the year were those of Cynthia Lynn Retzlaff, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Glenn Retzlaff, and Rebecca Louise Elliott, noted above.

Noted with sadness was the passing of Louise (Lulu Schultz) Drennan and Almuth Kloss.

Belton was chosen as the next meeting place with Mr. and Mrs. Melton Retzlaff to be in charge.

Cousin Emma spoke to the group concerning the family histories, and noted that it was proving to be quite difficult to get the information needed to bring them up to date. She had four copies of each of the nine (9) books, and designated a member of each family group to take them, revise and bring them up to date and return the copies to her so that copies could be made for individual families.

Letters and a recent picture of Cousin Helmuth Wittlinger in Germany to Cousin Emma were displayed and enjoyed by many present.

Our Visitors were recognized and welcomed.

A surprise was in store for most of us when Nolan Vance, representing the entire family group, spoke concerning the many years of untiring effort Cousin Emma has given to gathering and compiling Retzlaff family history and making it available to all. On behalf of the group he presented a beautiful plaque of appreciation to "Our Family Historian" and expressed to her our love and gratitude for all she has done. A lovely floral corsage had been pinned on her earlier.

The meeting was dismissed with a prayer to an all-loving, all-wise Father God by Bobby Vance. It was a day to be remembered and those in charge were heartily thanked for their efforts in preparing for it.

Mrs. Robert Vance