Town Hall in Hancock Shopping Center in Austin, Texas, was gathering place for the 1971 Retzlaff Family Reunion on July 18. There were 86 relatives and 8 visitors present to enjoy the comfortable facilities and a fine day of visiting.

Donnie Retzlaff was "Mr. Photographer" and was kept busy with picture making throughout the day. The family records, as usual, were sources of great interest to nearly everyone.

A tasty barbecue lunch was served at the noon hour, following which, a business session was held with Jay Tonahill in charge. Minutes from the 1970 Reunion were read, also several letters and notes from relatives who could not attend. Four persons present were past 80 years of age: Uncle Ben and Aunt Emma Retzlaff, Cousin Emma Retzlaff, and Anderson Lewis. Melton Todd Retzlaff, 5 1/2 months, was the youngest. Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Retzlaff had the largest family group present, and Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Vance from Gravois Mills, Missouri, came the longest distance.

Births during the past year included: Hat Darren Fritz, Oct. 16, 1970; Melton Todd Retzlaff to Mr. and Mrs. Melton Retzlaff, Jan. 30, 1971; Nicole Marie Cunningham to Mr. and Mrs. James Cunningham in Okinawa, March 10, 1971; and Matthew Thomas Bates to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bates, April 13, 1971.

Marriages included: Barbara Kay (Retzlaff) Hoherd to Franklin D. Navar, Dec. 18, 1970; and Nancy Cunningham to Calvin Gilbert Jan. 16, 1971.

San Antonio was selected as the place to meet in 1972, and Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Veltman will be in charge of arrangements.

Cousin Emma spoke about the family histories being prepared. She was still in need of information on two or three families, but stated that heads of families would soon receive a copy to check for errors, and these were to be mailed back to her for putting into final order.

Jay and Carolyn and their helpers were thanked for the effort expended in setting up the accommodations that made the day so enjoyable. An offering was taken to meet the expenses of the building and food.

Mrs. Robert Vance