The 1970 Reunion was held in Lexington at the High School Cafetorium on July 19 with Bobby and Ruby Vance in charge of arrangements. 96 relatives and 13 visitors were present.

The popular family record books seemed harder than ever to get in one's possession to see what was new, much jesting was endured by each family group as the arranged themselves for this year's picture making --- pictures that we see the next year in the family books --- and just learning what is new, whether for good or bad, with those we love occupied the morning. It was time for a good barbecue meal before we realized the time had gone.

During the business session, with Bobby Vance in charge, Uncle Ben and Aunt Emma Retzlaff and Cousin Emma Retzlaff were given recognition as the oldest in attendance, all being past 80 years of age, and Angela Rogers, aged 5 months, was the youngest. Frank and Irene Vance announced the births of two grandsons during the past year: Len Dennis, and Bryan Vance.

Weddings noted included: Melton Retzlaff to Patsy Ray Alexander, and Sandra Kloss to Mack Botard.

Greetings from several relatives unable to attend were read and Cousin Emma relayed greetings from Hellmut Wittlinger in Germany, who expressed a desire to someday meet with the group at a reunion.

Donald Retzlaff gave a resume of family history, starting in 1730 in Germany. He also stated that he and his mother, Cousin Emma, would try to get an official count of descendants. The last count, made in 1961, showed 395 actual descendants. Cousin Emma reported on the progress of the individual copies of family histories requested the year before, and stated she needed more information to make them up-to-date. She named a chairman from each family group to be responsible for getting all data on that family to her by Sept. 1, 1970. She hoped to have the histories ready by the 1971 reunion.

A place to meet in 1971 was discussed and three places suggested: San Antonio (which was later withdrawn), Austin, and Belton. Austin was chosen by vote, and Jay and Carolyn Tanahill were asked to be in charge of arrangements.

An offering was taken to care for the expenses of the building and meal which amounted to $160.90. Expenses were met and a balance of $38.68 was left to apply on the 1971 reunion. Bobby and Ruby Vance were heartily thanked for their work in making this reunion a fine one.

Mrs. Robert Vance