The annual Retzlaff Family Reunion was held in Lexington at the High School Cafetorium on July 20, 1969 with Wayne and Patricia Retzlaff in charge. 102 relatives and 6 visitors were in attendance.

The morning was spent as usual with the family books, visiting, and picture making. A barbecue meal was enjoyed at the noon hour. Afterward a business session was called with Wayne Retzlaff presiding. Ben and Emma Retzlaff, Lulu Drennan, Emma Retzlaff (Cousin Emma), and Adolph Peterson were given special recognition --- all were past 80 years of age.

Weddings in the family included: Edmund Neil Vance to Cynthia Fanucchi; Mary Beth Vance to Carlton Gibson, Jr. Reuben and Elois Retzlaff announced the births of a grandson and a granddaughter. Two death were listed; that of Aunt Amelia Jank, and Uncle Ed Peterson. Aunt Amelia had celebrated her 100th birthday in 1968. Their passing was noted with sorrow but also with thanksgiving that they had been with us so long in the family circle.

Cousin Emma spoke briefly about the family history, and make a plea that all items of history be sent to her to keep the records up-to-date. Nolan Vance moved that Cousin Emma study the possibility of having copies of the histories made that they might be made available to anyone who desired a copy. It was recognized that there might be considerable cost to such a project. It was seconded and carried.

It was voted to have the 1970 reunion in Lexington again with Bobby and Ruby Vance in charge. Expenses of 167.35 were listed and a freewill offering paid it off. A balance of $42.33 was carried over for 1970 --- this included the sale of surplus barbecue.

A show of hands of those attending for the first time revealed 10 relatives enjoying their first get-together with the group. Those from Lake Charles, Louisiana traveled the longest distance.

Mrs. Robert Vance