The annual Retzlaff Family Reunion was held at Lakeview Methodist Encampment near Palestine, Texas on July 17, 1966 with 75 relatives and four visitors present.

The usual family group pictures were made, visitation was enjoyed, and the family books eagerly sought after to see what had been added since the year before. Several letters from relatives in Germany had been translated and proved most interesting to all who read them. The noon meal was eaten in the Cafeteria on the camp grounds, with each family taking care of their own expenses. Each family brought sweets and arrangements were made for coffee to be made available in the afternoon for a "coffee drinking" before the families started homeward.

The Rev. Nolan Vance presided at a business meeting following the noon meal, and Frank Vance opened the meeting with a prayer of thanksgiving. It was stated that $15.00 would cover all incidentals, so the had was passed and $19.47 was collected. Cousin Emma spoke on family history and gave some background about the old letters that had been recently translated from German to English. A long letter from Mary Beth Vance, who was spending the summer in Europe, was read. Especially interesting was the fact that she had visited a relative, Hellmut Wittlinger, his wife, son, and daughter in Bochum, Germany, and had written at length about his fine family. They sent special greetings to their American cousins.

Five deaths in the family during the past year were sadly noted: Rev. Walter Hornung; Bernhard Urbantke; Jim Stone; Mrs. Tomey; and Mark Retzlaff. Four births were listed: Kevin Scott Retzlaff; Lisa Ann Fritz; Lynda Gaye Hoherd; and Kurt Benson.

Carl Faseler was attending the reunion for the first time, as was Bismark (Mitch) Retzlaff and family from Louisiana. The Retzlaff family had driven the longest distance to attend, 421 miles.

Robert Vance and Bill Retzlaff reported that the American Legion Hall in Smithville, Texas had been secured for the 1967 reunion. It was voted that they act as co-chairmen for 1967 and to have barbecue prepared for the meal if possible.

A balance of $7.22 was given Robert Vance to apply on the next expenses.

Mrs. Robert Vance