The annual Retzlaff Family Reunion was held in Dallas, July 18, 1965 at Lee Park, with 58 present.

The morning was spent as usual in taking pictures of family groups, pouring over the interesting family record books, visiting with loved ones we had not seen since the last reunion, perhaps even longer, and sight seeing in the beautiful park.

At noon a delicious meal of fried chicken was served by the Dallas relatives. It was preceded by a fitting prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving by Nolan Vance for the love and care of our Heavenly Father since last we had met. It was recognized that Frank Retzlaff had passed away July 23, 1964, and he was sadly missed.

In the afternoon a business session was called and presided over by Donald Retzlaff. Cousin Emma brought us up to date on family history, and then conducted another interesting quiz to see how much we knew about the family. Frank, son of Cousin Emma, advised the group that $89.00 was needed to meet expenses of the day. The hat was passed and the amount collected.

Jay Retzlaff volunteered to be chairman for the 1966 family reunion to be held again at Lakeview Methodist Assembly near Palestine. Robert Vance and Bill Retzlaff were asked to serve as a committee to select a meeting place for 1967.

The Bernhard Retzlaff family had the largest number present, 32. Mrs. Lulu Drennan and Johnny were the oldest members present. Debra Hobbs, nearly two, was the youngest. Other statistics included two weddings: Grace Voges to Walter Elliott, Aug. 15, 1964, and Mary Ann Retzlaff to Leonard Fritz on July 17, 1965; and a birth, Karon Frances Rogers on Oct. 27, 1964.

Robert vance spoke words of sincere appreciation to all the Dallas relatives for the fine preparation that gave us a wonderful day together.

Mrs. Robert Vance