The Retzlaff Family reunion was held at the Gober Party House in Temple on July 19, 1964 with Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Retzlaff in charge. Eighty one registered for the day.

The usual visiting, enjoying the family record books, and picture taking occupied the morning hours. At noon a delicious barbecue meal was served.

Following lunch W.F. presided at a business meeting. He and Zelma were given a vote of thanks for comfortable meeting place and the fine food arranged for the group. They announced that expenses amounted to $59.00. An offering was taken and the expenses taken care of with $7.50 left over. A place to hold the next reunion was discussed and Dallas was decided on if a suitable place could be found. Cousin Emma and son, Donald and wife Norma would be in charge; otherwise, August and Marie Weiss of Brenhan would be asked to find a place in Brenham. Cousin Emma was given the $7.50 to apply on the 1965 expenses.

Mrs. Lulu Drennan and Johnny Olsen were again the oldest relatives present, and Sandra Lynn Vance of Mesquite was the youngest - 2 weeks old! Greetings from Ben and Emma Retzlaff, Frank and Freida Retzlaff, Helen Hornung, and Jim and Augusta Scrivener were read.

Cousin Emma conducted an interesting family history quiz, and then gave us some exciting family history facts. The Retzlaff family has been traced back to 1730 in Germany, but the branch that is most fully researched is that of Franz Ferdinand Retzlaff born in 1811. The descendants of five of his children attended this reunion, of which the Augusta Grauke family has the largest number, 163. The Bernhard Retzlaff family was 144. The Arnold, Adolph, and Ottilie families are much smaller. She has records of 438 blood relatives of Franz Ferdinand to this date, and another 159 that are married into the family.

The business session ended with prayer for the safety of homeward bound loved ones.

Mrs. Robert Vance