The Retzlaff Family Reunion was held in McArthur Park in San Antonio, Texas, July 15, 1962 with Elton and Emma Lou Voges in charge. Each family brought a basket lunch for the noon meal, with the hosts preparing the drinks for everyone.

August Weiss presided at the business session following lunch. Nolan Vance led the group in prayer. The absence of Cousin Emma was noted and the secretary was instructed to write her a letter to let her know much she was missed. She was vacationing at the Seattle Worlds Fair on the west coast. Several letters and cards were read from those who could not attend. A rising vote of thanks was extended to Elton and Emma Lou for the well prepared meeting place. It was moved that we meet in Lakeview Methodist Assembly near Palestine, Texas in 1963 with Nolan Vance in charge. It was noted that Henry Grauke, age 82 was present with his wife, two sons, and two daughters and their families - including 5 grand children.

Recent births in the family included: Gary Grauke, Deana Trick, Natalie Gaye Bruns, Linda Gail Clodfelter, Sherrie Marie Benson, Shephen Mark Bates, and Allen Brewer Retzlaff.

Mary Beth Vance was in charge of picture taking for Cousin Emma.

Mrs. Robert Vance Secretary