The annual reunion of the Retzlaff Family was held July 17, 1960 in Cameron Park, Waco, with Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Retzlaff in charge of arrangements.

The morning was spent as usual in visiting, picture taking and enjoying the family books prepared by Cousin Emma. Mrs. John Olsen and Mrs. L.J. Griffin delighted the group with a display of their hobbies of painting and copper craft. Many cards and letters received from relatives who could not attend were passed around so all could catch up on the latest news of the families.

A delicious barbecue meal was served at noon to the 70 relatives and 10 visitors. The visitors were Mrs. Hulda Johnson, Mrs. Eda Swanson and Mrs. Idell Swanson of Dallas (a close friend and two sister in laws of Emma Retzlaff from the Swanson side of her family); Mr. and Mrs. William Weiting, son Robert, and daughter Marilyn, and Mrs. Emilie Weiting of Waco; Frank Bates of Waco; and David Henderson of Temple.

Robert Vance presided at a business session following the lunch hour. Nolam Vance spoke concerning the passing of Otto Retzlaff and concluded his remarks with prayer. It was noted that Mrs. Amelia Jank was the oldest present, age 92. The wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Ron Rogers (Kathy Tonnehill) was noted, as was the birth of Patricia Lynn Retzlaff on Dec. 21, 1959 to Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Retzlaff. Expressions of sincere gratitude were tendered Cousin Emma for the excellent work she does from year to year on the family books.

A place to meet in 1961 was discussed and an invitation to meet in the same place was accepted with O.J. Retzlaff and Mrs. Geneva Tonnehill to be in charge. An offering was taken to pay the expenses of $67.00 for the meal. The group went on record as being satisfied with the barbecue meal, but voted to leave it to the committee to plan the food for the next year.

Mrs. Robert Vance