The 1959 Retzlaff Family Reunion was held July 19, in the Lexington High School Gym with 62 members of the family present and four visitors, and Rev. and Mrs. David A. Earley and daughters, Charlotte Ruth and Christine.

Picture taking, seeing what was new in the family books that are kept up-to-date by Cousin Emma (Mrs. Frank Retzlaff of Dallas), and greeting relatives as they arrived consumed the morning, and it was soon time to spread the generous basket lunches the families had brought for the noon meal. Frank Vance of Groves offered thanks for the food.

Following lunch a business meeting was called with Robert Vance presiding. Reports from relatives not able to attend included those from the Fred Vances, the Charles Graukes, Walter and Helen Hornung, the August Weiss family, and John and Willie Olsen. Otto Retzlaff of Waco, 74, was the oldest member present, and Johnny Brockenbush of Lexington, 20 months, was the youngest. Uncle Otto reported the birth on June 9, 1959 of Andrea Carol Steinmann, his great-grand-daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Steinmann of Waco. Mrs. Eleanor Luttes of San Benito traveled the longest distance, 350 miles, to attend the reunion.

A count of those present who had never missed a reunion since they began in 1947 was taken and eleven were counted. (None was held in 1948 but each year since.)

It was voted to meet in Waco in 1960 with Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Retzlaff in charge, the place and food arrangements to be decided by them. An offering was taken to care for incidental expenses and there was a balance of $2.63 to apply on the 1960 reunion.

Mrs. Robert Vance