The Retzlaff Family Reunion was held in Seaton Hall near Temple, July 20, 1958 with Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Retzlaff in charge of preparations. Seventy members of the family and three visitors were present.

Cousin Emma was on hand early as usual with the family books which are always a source of pleasure as new items and pictures are added year by year. Family group pictures were made and guests were registered as the various families arrived. A bounteous basket lunch was spread at noon. Immediately after lunch a brief business session was held with W.F. Retzlaff presiding. Mr. and Mrs. D.E. Baca and daughters of Shreveport, La and Mrs. Eleanor Luttes of San Benito traveled the longest distance to attend the reunion. Mrs Ton Drennan, 77 was the oldest relative present and Johnny Brockenbusch, 8 months, was the youngest. Other babies arriving during the preceding year were Craig Peterson on May 6 and Keith Peterson on May 19.

One wedding was recorded, that of Wayne Retzlaff and Patricia Brewer. Two deaths were noted, Roy Luttes of Rio Hondo and Gerhardt Wittlinger of Germany.

It was voted to have the 1959 reunion at Inks Lake if a suitable site could be found. Robert Vance was asked to serve as chairman and in case it could not be held at Inks Lake, Lexington was to be the gathering place. The chairman was to decide on the type of noon meal to be served.

A standing vote of thanks was given to Willie Frank and Zelma for the fine preparation made for the occasion.

A freewill offering was taken to take care of incidental expenses and $3.27 remained to apply on the 1959 reunion.

Mrs. Robert Vance