The Retzlaff Family Reunion was held in Lexington, July 21, 1957 in the high school gym with 88 members and 1 visitor present.

The morning was spent, as usual in picture making as the different groups arrived, in visiting, and reviewing pictures and notes of former gatherings. The record books on the various families prepared by cousin Emma are always a source of interest, as well as the family tree charts that covers a good-sized wall.

A basket lunch was spread at noon with the Lexington hosts in charge of arrangements.

In the afternoon a business session was held with Mrs. Frank Retzlaff of Lexington in charge. Several letters from members who were not able to attend were read. Mrs. Lula Drennan wrote, suggesting the meeting date be changed to an earlier time of year. This was discussed at length, but finally it was voted to leave the date at the 3rd Sunday in July since all Sundays in June were already taken by various family gatherings affecting the Retzlaff families, and other dates would either be during school or at as warm a time of year as July.

Temple was chosen as the meeting place for 1958 with Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Retzlaff to be responsible for arrangements and how the noon meal should be provided.

In the family count 11 members were present from the Arnold family, 7 from the Augusta, 11 from the Ottilia Retzlaff, 8 from the Adolph and 51 from the Bernhard famaly.

Five babies were added to the family during the year and three weddings occurred, Gena Retzlaff, Audrey Olsen and Elois Scrivener.

Henry Grauke at age 77 was the eldest member present and the A.P. Kleinschmidt twins, Timmy and Tommy, eight months, were the youngest.

Sandra Kloss gave a reading and Frank Vance Led the group in prayer to close the business session.

Lots of visiting was engaged in during the afternoon before families began their trips back home.

The offering for incidental expenses amounted to $22.42.

Mrs. Robert Vance