The Retzlaff Family Reunion was held in Sheridan at the Shaell Recreation Hall on Sunday July 15, 1956, with Mr. and Mrs. Almuth Kloss in charge of arrangements.

The morning was spent in visiting and picture making. At noon a bounteous basket lunch was enjoyed by the 101 family members and visitors present. Tea, coffee and lemonade were prepared by the Klosses for the entire group.

A business session was held in the afternoon with Mrs. Kloss acting as chairman. Letters of regret at not being able to attend, were read from Mrs. Edward Haug of Sulphur, La. and Mrs. Lulu Drennan of Dallas.

The Rev. Nolan Vance reported , for the permanent committee on sites, that Lexington was recommended as the 1957 meeting place, the third Sunday in July. Frank Retzlaff of Lexington to act as chairman of arrangements. Reuben Retzlaff suggested Waco as a possible alternative, but Lexington was chosen by a large majority. Food is to be decided by the chairman.

A vote of thanks was given the Klosses for a well prepared meeting. Robert Vance moved that a letter of thanks be written to the Shell Company for the use of their facilities, and the secretary was duly instructed to do so.

Cousin Emma never lags at her job as family historian and so was able to bring us up to date on more family history. She stated that she has been able to trace back to a Christoph Retzlaff, teacher, in Germany who was born in the early 1700's, or 250 years of Retzlaff's. She had prepared charts and history books available to all who cared to delve into their family backgrounds.

Henry Grauke proved to be the eldest relative present, being 76 on July 13. Ricky Retzlaff, 8 months, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Retzlaff, was the youngest. Mr. and Mrs. D.E. Baca and daughters from Shreveport, La. traveled the farthermost.

The day was made more enjoyable because of the presence of relatives who had not attended before. They stemmed from the Augusta Retzlaff Grauke branch of the family tree.

It was reported that the Rev. William S. Tomey, husband of Dora Grauke Tomey, had passed to his reward in December 1955. There had been 4 births in the family since July 1955, no marriages, but one engagement was announced.

An offering was taken to care for incidental expenses of the day, and after totaling it up, it was found there was $7.55 left to apply on the next year's meeting.

Mrs. Robert Vance