The 1955 Retzlaff family reunion was held in the Gus Retzlaff pasture at Lexington, July 17, with 90 present.

After the noon meal of barbecue and roast beef and salads, a business session was held. Several spoke words of appreciation for the fine work and efforts of Mrs. Frank Retzlaff and her son, Donald, on the family records and albums.

In a discussion on where to meet in 1956, invitations were received from Waco, New Braunfels and Sheridan. Sheridan received the most votes, and Almuth Kloss was named chairman. The third Sunday in July was kept as the meeting date, but food was to be decided by the chairman.

Nolan Vance, Arnold Kleinschmidt, Harding Peterson, Reuben Retzlaff and Wesley Urbantke were elected as a permanent committee to select and recommend places each year for the next years meeting point. If more than one place is recommended the whole group to decide by majority vote.

Cousin Emma gave some interesting facts of family history. As far as she has been able to find out there are 317 direct descendants of Franz Ferdinand Retzlaff.

Charles Grauke was again the oldest family member present, Billy Dale Elzey the youngest.

Frank Vance led the group in singing "Love Lifted Me". Mary Retzlaff rendered as a solo "The Ninety and Nine" as a memorial to Gus Retzlaff and Henry Fiser, loved ones who had passed on during the year. Nolan Vance concluded the program with prayer.

Mrs. Robert Vance