Retzlaff Family History


The dedication of this Retzlaff Family History book can almost go without saying. She began to accumulate information at our first family reunion in Gus Retzlaff’s pasture in Lexington, Texas, in July, 1947.

Each year after that pictures of all the family groups present at the reunion were taken and she added them to their appropriate books. She dilligently kept track of all the births and deaths, maintaining the accurate set of Descendant Charts that appear in this book. She contacted Helmut Wittlinger in Germany who helped with translations and the research of the very early days of our family history.

She collected an assortment of rememberances that she included in each history book. She did all of the above and more — far more than anyone could realize. None of us could ever thank her enough. We could only try, and one attempt is that we dedicate this Retzlaff Family History to:

Cousin Emma Retzlaff