The traditional publication of the Retzlaff Family History consists of a printed book containing primarily a detailed family tree listing of our ancestral data. The following is an exerpt from the Acknowledgements of the Third Edition of that book:

The production of the Third Edition of the Retzlaff Family History was definitely a team effort. Several people added invaluable assistance to not only the collecting of the information but the computer software development.

First of all I thank Ruby Vance again for taking the time and effort to be the collection point for the update information. To me, that is still the hardest job in the process.

The next step was converting the data for all the ancestors into a computer-readable format. This included information for each ancestor’s name, generation, birth and death dates (where appropriate), parent and marriage information. Kimberly Odom is the one to thank for entering the bulk of the data into the computer.

The Chart Building System is a software package that took the data that Kimberly entered and formats it based on the relationship information stored in the data file. Dwayne Springfield assisted me in the preliminary algorithm design for the Chart Building System. It was Dwayne’s fresh point of view that gave me a workable solution. The Chart Building System formats the Ancestry pages in a similar manner to the first two editions of the history book, although the pages are in portrait mode to accomodate the printing facilities. The software package is approximately fifteen hundred lines of Turbo Pascal 5.0 code developed on an IBM-PC.

The statistics information and Ancestor Index are created by the previously mentioned data file and other information created by the Chart Building System.

My last acknowledgement is to my wife, Elisa. I have to thank her for letting me spend so much time trying to put all of this together. I'm certain she didn't know what she was getting into when she married me. Dear, I love you and thanks for understanding.

Since the publication of the Third Edition of the Retzlaff Family History, the datafiles have been converted into the standardized GEDCOM format, and imported into Parson Technology's Family Origins software. This change now makes it possible to include more detailed personal information about our ancestors beyond basic birth and death dates and marriage information, including where people were born, their education, and any awards they may have received.

The 1999, 2005 and 2010 Editions of the Retzlaff Family History Charts were produced in part by using the reports provided by the Family Origins software. Please contact if you are interested in receiving copies of this printed publication, or go here.