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T he following is an assemblage of information maintained by Don Retzlaff (  ) about the Retzlaff family, as originally maintained by Emma Retzlaff, Don Retzlaff's grandmother, and Don and his parents, Don and Norma Retzlaff.

The Retzlaff family have been holding family reunions since the 1947 and have put together a large amount of information, primarily photographs of the reunions and newspaper articles that various family members have donated to the family collection.

Until the early eighties, the ancestral charts were maintained by hand by Emma Retzlaff. During one hot summer, Don produced a typeset version that was designed to be easily maintained. A few years passed and he determined that they weren't as easy to maintain in that format as he had hoped. With the added help of a personal computer, however, he was able to write a series of programs that automatically printed the ancestral charts.

All of this was happening, one must realize, long before the existance of any of the major commercial ancestral programs, such as Family Origins by Parsons Technology. Since that time, Don has converted the original data format of his own invention into the standard GEDCOM format supported by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The GEDCOM format of the Retzlaff Ancestral data is available for downloading in a later section of this document, for anyone that is interested.

Also included are several of the other informational sections that were part of the original printed Retzlaff Family History book. Please feel free to contact Don at or to give him your comments or any additional information you might have about the Retzlaff family. Don looks forward to hearing from you.

Please Note: A scan of the US Residential Phone Directory CDrom produced nearly 1,200 Retzlaff's across the country. Most of these people (to our knowledge) are not directly related to Don's family. All information provided here was assembled by Emma Retzlaff of Dallas and provided by other relatives that have attended the yearly Retzlaff Family Reunion held in the North Texas area (in recent years the most common location has been Lexington, Texas). If you or someone you know should appear in our ancestral charts and currently don't, we'd love to hear from you.

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